Branding is like attaching a promise to a product or service. It’s a commitment of value and quality. When you brand yourself, it enhances your performance and career success. It will reap maximum benefits to the most important asset – YOU.

Personal branding is important, no matter whether you’re a newbie or professional, have a job or looking for one, you’re an entrepreneur or working in a multinational company.

Students who have a strong personal brand are likely to launch themselves into a highly successful career. To improve your personal branding is just like preparing for an entrance exam months in advance. And when it’s the exam of life then advance preparation will be our sincere advice!


This unique Personality Development Program from Silhouette has been designed with a specific purpose to identify, nurture and support young students of Ajeenkya DY Patil University to be a huge value-add to the corporate world. The course imparts essential knowledge of how to carry and present oneself with confidence and bring in finesse to the overall persona. The uniqueness of ‘BRAND YOU’ lies in finishing the student’s presentability to support their technical capabilities. Students learn the art of creating impressions through our self confidence development course and get the opportunity to practically apply the same even before they step into the real world.

We prepare our students to enhance their confidence and develop the attitude of a winner. We believe that it is the attitude and not just aptitude that helps in adding value to an enterprise. As a team of Personality Development Training professionals, we share present-day challenges and opportunities through real life experiences to provide the much needed practical insights for their respective streams.

The program concludes with individual mentoring sessions scheduled for participants’ basis the feedback from Silhouette coaches.

Reinvent yourself and be more capable, more confident!


It’s designed to boost the quality of your everyday life, whether personal or professional and enhance your performance levels. By using techniques like case studies, role plays, interactive games, self-internalization, meditations and discussions to connect with each participant, they aim to make deep and distinctive improvements to their personality and confidence.

If you’re ready to leap, just leave the rest to us.


Module - 1

  • Personal Branding 
 If you don’t stand out then you don’t stand a chance! In this module, you will learn how to use strategic marketing and personal branding techniques for designing, enhancing, and promoting your professional image. Acting as “your own Chief Executive Officer”, you will learn how to use relationship and network marketing and impression management to showcase your skills to prospective employers, colleagues, supervisors, and other interested parties. This personal branding course includes: 
  •  Importance of Personal Branding 
  •  Your brand today 
  •  Building your brand’s infrastructure 
  •  Creating your brand’s maintenance plan

Module - 2

  • Grooming to Perfection 
 The way you look and the way you carry yourself creates a great impact on people you meet. In this module, we learn about appropriate grooming and professional appearance that is important, not just to create a positive impression but also to gain respect in the workplace. It’ll be of great help, right from job opportunities, relationship possibilities, party invitations and extends to social events too. This grooming course will help students recreate an impressive persona. 
  •  First Impression 
  •  Personal Grooming 
  •  BPower Dressing 
  •  Business & Dining Etiquette Social Etiquette

Module - 3

  • Power of Body Language 
 This module will help you to understand how to read people’s emotions and opinions before they even say a word. You’ll also learn how to judge your own body language: discover what your appearance and posture – even the way you walk – tell people about you, and learn to improve your body language to project yourself confidently. 
  •  Interpretations of body language Handshakes & Gestures 
  •  Facial Expressions 
  •  Walking with confidence 
  •  Power poses to exude confidence


The course is open to all course streams of Ajeenkya DY Patil University and will be delivered by Silhouette’s trainers through classroom sessions within the ADYPU campus for a period of 3-Months.

Batch details will be shared after registration. The course will be delivered in the following manner:

  • Course Duration – 3 Months 
  • Course Hours – 48 Hours
  • Frequency – 4 Hours once every week
  • Batch Size – 50 students
  • Course Fee – INR 15000 per student